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The Workplace

April 14, 2019 in News Tags:

Unfortunately, reality shows again and again, cases of professionals who violate with that commitment that is vowing to receive as titled in a profession. That moral part of the person, then, should not be truncated, but it should emerge by need front to those who surround us, are these who will serve as our knowledge and skills, or not. Be honest, faithful keepers of the given word, sincere, reliable, hardworking, and one long etcetera. But it seems to me that regardless of the discharge lines above, remains many opportunities relegated the human part. What I believe is that it can not be orphaned at any time. As examples I can cite, corrupt judges, armed forces officers abusing their power and/or arms, uncontrollable and angry teachers with students, etc., etc., etc. Attitude, as consciousness, in the professional, should be more even-handed and whites in the positive sense, and for no reason should be allowed than any professional that does not comply with be consistent between what you have learned, what he swore to comply and his real life, is not showing anything. There should be an integral, complete assessment (do?), reflected the environment and time, detailed in terms of the career or profession, and be taken periodically to professionals exercising a public office or not, since in many cases it denotes an indicator that professional person is not suitable to exercise that Office within the workplace to which it belongsand can follow a prompt and effective treatment, or if the case is very difficult and irreversible, be removed from the position mandated by respect and care to others.

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