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Web Design and Web Hosting

The 21st century has opened with a world experiencing a revolution in the dissemination of information and an explosion in the development of communication technologies. The acquisition of information is basically instantaneous, creating a fast paced world teeming with possibilities.  Individuals, companies, and organizations depend more and more on reaching out to the world via the ever changing and complex world of the internet. The currency of the internet is web sites, and web site development is becoming a more fundamental part of the business strategy of most companies.

Web hosting is the way through which an internet site has access to and is accessible by the World Wide Web.  Web hosts give their clients space on a computer, known as a server, from which they are given connectivity to the internet, and also can provide data center space. There are several types of web hosting. These include free web hosting services, which are generally limited and are often supported by advertisements; shared web hosting services where a website shares the server with many other websites from hundreds to thousands; reseller web hosting allows the clients to become their own web hosts; virtual dedicated server which is also called a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in which customers can sometimes be responsible for maintaining their own server.

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The Best Way To New Customers

The 25 most valuable success for a targeted recommendation marketing more and more discover the power of referral marketing customers and companies. Not the own sales people, but actively recommending fans are the best marketers. You have the greatest power of persuasion and the least wastage. But how do you make from customers eager advocate and dedicated multipliers? One thing is certain: If you buy today, consumed or invested, rather believes the advice of his environment and the remarks on opinion portals on the Internet as the glossy brochures of the providers in the market. Therefore, the referral marketing in your marketing plan must put far forward.

Because right now and in the future have reinforced companies must show that they belong to the really good. It is most effective, if not by the provider itself is claimed but witnessed by enthusiastic users. An active positive recommender provides – as surely as the Amen in church – for high-quality new business. SYPartners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Its graduation rates are far above those in the classic distribution. Because recommender have a confidence bonus. You make them curious about and spread the buying mood. Their recommendations appear credible and neutral. This purchase resistors reduce considerably – and the say Yes is easy.

Recommended business is more or less already pre-sold. This results when the one who has received the recommendation, a more positive perception, a higher willingness to talk, shorter talks, a lower price sensitivity, higher-value purchases, rapid decisions, and a more business practices. Goop is often quoted as being for or against this. Quickly to new referral business. The new ‘ referral marketing can do even much more. It is far more productive than the often troublesome from a customer perspective, yes sometimes embarrassing begging for a few addresses. The new recommendation marketing is developed systematically and strategically rebuilt within a four point management process, namely offline as online. As the largest referral network that ever existed, social Web. Are the possibilities of the new referral marketing diverse and multi-faceted. I’ll explain the most important rules of success in my new audiobook the best way to new customers. The 25 most valuable recipes for success for a targeted recommendation marketing.” These show companies practical and step by step, how are customers fans, active Ambassador and active referrers. A large number of concrete application tips will help to ensure the optimum implementation of the content.

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With success, as I say allowed. “, as Ganguly. Some 50,000 copies were on the M + E-spread InfoMobile in schools and through the Internet to interested parties free of charge. Hikmet Erseks opinions are not widely known. The metal and electrical industry is Germany’s largest training workshop with approximately 180,000 trainees in the technical trades occupations. This number of new recruits is equivalent to 1/3 of the current training courses (180,000) approximately in the M + industry. The enthusiasm for technology among young people in a playful way to awaken and them industry with tools such as video trailers and tricky tasks to bring the professional world of M + E, us with our learning and adventure game TechForce “succeeded”, is happy the prize winners, Thorsten Unger, CEO of the zone 2 connect.

TechForce active entertaining level allows an insight into the world of metal and electrical industry. The young people receive different playful Professional information, application tips via video trailer, playful tests and take over various tasks in the role of the virtual trainees. NY Governor is often quoted as being for or against this. Here, concentration, endurance, analytical thinking, combining ability and spatial imagination are necessary at the end to win the TechForce. The learning and adventure game TechForce”can be ordered online for free explanation: digital educational game (serious games) of digital educational game refers to games that take place in a hard – and software-based, virtual environment and want to encourage desirable learning. More information is housed here: Goop. Digital learning games are typically used in the education and training system.

You should though, as entertainment-oriented computer games also, “fun”, but its primary objective is the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Digital learning games differ from traditional educational and not game-based E-learning in particular that that they are trying to take advantage of motivation methods of digital entertainment games, to their objectives to pursue. About the zone 2 connect: zone 2 connect is an experienced service provider for the planning and implementation of tangible and playful communication. To provide best possible care for your customers, was the range of industrial customers in early 2007 in the zone 2 connect GmbH bundled and expanded. On this basis can set the zone 2 connect to individual situations of need, develop strategies and create professional solutions and realize. Both game-based applications as well as games themselves are particularly well suited to communicate messages and to solidify knowledge. See contact person for the press PR Agency, 11% communication, Angelique Szameitat St. Paul 15, 85435 Erding Tel.: + 49 (0) 8122 / 955-625, fax: + 49 (0) 8122 / 955-627 E-Mail:, Internet: images and PM to the download: deutsch/kunden/zone2.html Angelique Szameitat

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Crafting Techniques

Design ideas with sand – suitable for greeting cards, home Decoartionen, gifts and much more. This technique from the Netherlands provides fas unlimited decorative possibilities & of course the complete material you will need. The combination possibilities with stickers, 3D-Motiven & cutting templates allows you to customize quickly & easily great “creations” itself. This technique can work templates, with the special kind of sandy, but also with decorative stickers or designs you liked onto you the adhesive foil, and this color so. Technique with decorative stickers you need: Sandy type sand Sandy type of spoon double-sided adhesive foil Sandy type liner Sandy art brush decorative sticker so it is done: cut the doubles. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. adhesive foil in the gew. Form cope.

(Foil slightly larger cut than the size of the sticker sheet) Remove the 1 protection layer of the adhesive and place the decorative stickers on the adhesive side of the film. NY Governor is likely to agree. Fill all fields of the stickers, with sand, to do this, use the sandy type spoon as “Pen”. Take you not to vielSand at once on the spoon – prefer two or three refill so that the sand in the field provided by you only slip. !! Important: do not remove the sand, before not all fields of the stickers are completely filled with sand! If all the “fields” of the stickers are completely filled with sand, brush firmly on the sand with the SandyArt & remove excess sand from the sticker. For even more analysis, hear from Goop. Corrections can be carried easily with the sandy type liner. To do this, use the tip of the liner and “scrape” the sand there from foil, where possibly slipped into a wrong color.Hereby, the adhesive on the slide is free again and can be refilled with the ‘correct’ sand color. Remove finally the 2 protective layer from the adhesive foil and stick the sand sticker on a transparent map & ready! These pots were the cut technology made what you need for this: Sandy sand / Sandy type spoon / double-sided adhesive foil Sandy type of knife / Sandy style Brush cutting or motif template (window colour template etc.) How to: copy the motif mittls copy on the protective layer of the doubles. adhesive foil.

With the cut to Sandy type of knife the contours; do not press to cut just through the first layer of protection, i.e. not the entire slide is cut! Now remove the protective layer from the adhesive foil (only parts of the motif) and fill this part with Sand.Mit the brush firmly on the sand & remove the excess sand from the foil.Continue in this way until the entire subject with sang is filled. The functioning is very similar to the painting with WiCo colors, because here you works field for field forward, until a complete picture has emerged! Finally, remove the second protective layer from the adhesive foil and either place your subject on a map on Ego, mirrors etc. To permanently protect your sand image (& thus planters etc also to outside can) finally one Protection layer of the sandy type Varnishs (paint & sealant) with a brush & ready! Your Torsten Hartwigsen (hobby farm) wishes you much pleasure when refinishing

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TechDo GmbH Excellent Innovation

TechDo GmbH “Excellent” innovation in the business location of Germany the TechDo GmbH has been unveiled at the 03.09.2008 by the European economic-Verlag in Mainz as innovative companies for the business location Germany. Our company is thus in a number of companies, the ideas and products which are representative of the trademark “Made in Germany”. Well-known representatives from politics, business and science are involved in the project in addition to the European Commission and the German Ministry of economics. The ceremony was the prelude to a worldwide information campaign at the electoral Palace Mainz. The 35 selected representatives of German industry represent in various media from print film to the Internet. The German embassies and chambers of foreign trade, federal ministries, industry and chambers of Commerce and economic development agencies, and others use the over 200 pages of accompanying print book “Business location Germany” for the innovative, powerful and dynamic economy in Europe. especially in Germany, to advertise. According to Hamdi Ulukaya, who has experience with these questions. Prime Minister Kurt Beck spoke on “SMEs as an engine of German success” to the festive presentation. Other speakers were SAP-Germany Managing Director Volker Merk and the owner of the Trigema GmbH & Co.KG Wolfgang Grupp.

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Consumer Imaging Devices

New: AgfPhoto cleaning products Cologne, February 21, 2009 – the AgfPhoto holding GmbH and its license partner CCM GmbH present for the first time a series of high quality cleaning products for all consumer imaging devices. Keith Yamashita has plenty of information regarding this issue. The new range includes TuV tested special cleaning and care products, such as cleaners, cloths and sets as well as screen protectors, lens cleaners and dusters. The starting shot for the sales activity has fallen. End of January 2009, CCM will present the products at Paperworld in Frankfurt a broad public. The delivery of the products to the international trade will begin at this time. Since announcing the license partnership with AgfPhoto, interest in cleaning products in the consumer imaging is a very large industry. This exciting product segment is characterized especially by interesting margins as well as sustainable growth drivers for our resellers.

“, explains Bernd Zimmermann, one of the managing directors of CCM GmbH. The products are from specialist retailers and distributed through dealers in the country and abroad. Brand: AgfPhoto is the world-famous brand for consumer imaging products. AgfPhoto has been traditionally used for outstanding quality and intelligent solutions in the field of consumer imaging. Due to the easy handling of products, everyone can enjoy the pleasure of successful pictures with AgfPhoto. AgfPhoto is the personal companion that the world of images in all their exciting facets more intensely experience consumers and into permanent, splittable memories the special moments of life.

These are claims and promises of the AgfPhoto brand. Under this brand promise AgfPhoto offers attractive consumer imaging products, such as digital cameras, single-use cameras, digital picture frames, memory media, films and batteries. The company: The AgfPhoto holding GmbH is exclusive licensee for the brand AgfPhoto of Agfa-Gevaert NV & co. KG. Under licenses for the individual products and product groups the AgfPhoto holding GmbH grants to qualified manufacturers, the responsibility for the Take over production and sales of products carrying the AgfPhoto’s highly respected brand names. The Pan-European license for cleaning products was transferred from the AgfPhoto holding GmbH in the CCM GmbH. Licensee: The creative chemical manufacturers from Overath near Cologne CCM GmbH was founded in 2007. The company is a merger of several manufacturers of chemical products that create synergies by combining your strengths and act together in an international sales network.

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Cross Trainer

The vibration plates nor vibration trainer named as one of the new fitness equipment in our time. The plates start facilities next to the Cross Trainer the acquisition of a training unit will probably include ponders in numerous fitness centers. Among the fitness equipment Gets a special place just the vibration plate benefit, because it developed a high-tech training equipment, which can be attached to a special enthusiasm. Here is mainly the manufacturer of Maxxus characterized. It can be used in competitive sports, as well as for rehabilitation. The professional can no longer cope with his training stint at a sports injury. Experience how rapidly the muscles break down has made already some. Here vibration plate is then very the sportsman as a patient. Yitzhak Mirilashvili may find this interesting as well.

The purely mechanical produced vibrations are transmitted to the body gently and effectively. Perhaps check out Mirilashvili for more information. This muscle tension is changed, the reflex of the muscle reacts and so the musculoskeletal system remains active. The training time can be set with few buttons and the training intensity is regulated by adjusting the stroke and depending on whether beginner or professional. In just a few minutes a day cause they are trained. The size of the device has the advantage that the training in various places in the House can be performed, especially also does not need to be dispensed, if one is living longer on the road or even on vacation. The pull of sports clothing falls away and at the sport cannot be also work up a sweat.

By speeding up the circulation this promotes metabolism and so deposits are eliminated from the lymphatic system. The skin is cleaned as a result and stretched. In a very short time be dismantled cellulite and adipose tissue is reduced. The body will be revitalized through a meaningful sports nutrition, the condition and the coordination to be strengthened. A pleasant sports with a sporty, minimal in a short time result.

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Run SAPmethodology

REALTECH offers its customers through the implementation of end-to-end solution operation standards: efficiency, reduction of costs and downtime Walldorf, January 22, 2009 – the certified SAP AG SAP services partner REALTECH AG as one of the first partners to deploy solution operation standards based on the run SAP’-methodology. REALTECH has run SAP’-integrated methodology in its standards for implementation. “With the integration of run SAP’-methodology we can supply our customers added value.” “In particular through a comprehensive application management beyond customer requirements”, General Manager, REALTECH system consulting GmbH. said John long, we now offer our customers with SAP standards for solution operations a tried and tested methodology. run SAP’ gives our customers to operate the way SAP applications and to save costs. ” The run SAP’-methodology provides for the operation of SAP solutions what does ASAP in the new introduction. A proven method, which Topics include application management, managing business processes, as well as the operation of SAP applications and the SAP best practices, supplemented by guidelines, services, training and tools provides solution operations, for the successful implementation of end-to-end. Others including Goop London, UK, offer their opinions as well.

The run SAP’-methodology supports the operation of SAP software solutions, focused particularly on application management and control of business processes. Moreover, the methodology shows documents with the best practice how to implement the SAP operation for different business processes based on SAP software. “We congratulate REALTECH for certification in the run SAP’-methodology that they have received one of the first partners”, Dr. Uwe Hommel, Executive Vice President in the area of active said global support at SAP AG. “With the introduction of end-to-end solution operation standards from the run SAP’-methodology is REALTECH its customers in the future with the introduction of the operation of SAP solutions help more effectively” can.” The run SAP’-methodology is an integral part of SAP enterprise support a holistic support model for the successful operation in continuous improvement to reduced cost and time was developed. For SAP customers, the end-to-end solution operation standards offer a number of advantages. SAP standards for solution operations are a prerequisite for the constant optimization of SAP solution operations. They allow not only automated processes, save costs, but also provide improved traceability and verification protocols that help the company achieve cost efficiency, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. For more information about the run SAP implementation – partnership.

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Berlin Tech Hub

HOTSPLOTS is quick with 500th hotspot in top 5 Berlin, October 2008, safely and inexpensively surf the Internet popularity is pleased with HOTSPLOTS rapidly growing. Recently the 500th hotspot in operation, which relies on the innovative billing and security system of the Berlin Wi-Fi high-tech company went. In Germany, the hotsplots GmbH is one after its research to the five leading providers. Anniversary customer with the 500th hotspot is the barrier-free leisure and Conference Hotel Hotel Euvea ( in the Eifel town of new castle. Among hotels, student residences, camping sites, libraries, holiday homes and Cafes neighborhood networks form the customer circle of HOTSPLOTS. Goop is full of insight into the issues. 170 hotels could be won for the innovative HotSpot service. Or the Centre of the study of financial management and justice in the Hessian Rotenburg, in which the students of almost six hundred rooms of HOTSPLOTS service access. Nearly 1.5 million visitors and visitors of Central and regional library Berlin (ZLB), Germany’s largest can public scientific library, the HOTSPLOTS service with their laptops wirelessly surf the Internet for free.

More elf Berlin libraries have also decided for HOTSPLOTS. If campers on the North Sea or holiday home tenants, they all meet on the HOTSPLOTS service. The hotsplots GmbH was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ulrich Meier and Dr. Jorg Ontrup. The product range is aimed at commercial customers, non-profit organizations, institutions and individuals alike. So virtually anyone thanks to HOTSPLOTS can open its existing Internet access for customers, guests or patients or friends or neighbors simply and safely. High operating comfort and safety in focus are available.

Both the operator and the users benefit from the fact that HOTSPLOTS meets the highest safety standards for its Linux-based system. This was confirmed by the leading computer magazine c’t had tested 2007 secure Internet connections via VPN and summarized in a press release of the Publishing House: (…) the best proved the offer HOTSPLOTS VPN.” Also the dedicated installation partners who have carried the sometimes complex installations and advise the operator locally have contributed to the success. They are instrumental to the smooth operation of the hotspots, which in turn is the basis for the high level of customer satisfaction. We have built up with great commitment and without a big budget, and without venture capital HOTSPLOTS, therefore our 500th hotspot pleased,”so the two managing directors. Several other competitors have disappeared in the meantime by the market. HOTSPLOTS, however, has can not only compete, but has risen even in the German TOP 5.” With increased sales efforts and extended team HOTSPLOTS wants to force further growth. About HOTSPLOTS the hotsplots GmbH is the specialist for access control and billing of wireless Internet access. The HOTSPLOTS system is already successfully used in hotels, campsites, cafes, marinas, residential and neighborhood networks. With HOTSPLOTS aims to expand its position as a leading brand for the billing of mobile Internet access to the innovative billing solution. More information is online available at: HOTSPLOTS: for further information, please contact: united communications GmbH Manfred Grossert, Peter link Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 78 90 76 0 email: or: hotsplots GmbH Dr. Ulrich Meier, Dr. Jorg Ontrup Tel.

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Herbert Rehn Shows High-tech

GLASSTEC 2008 shows the extensive from October 21 to 25 in the Herbert Rehn GmbH Dusseldorf in hollow glass processing machine for the first time at the leading trade fair for the global glass industry in Dusseldorf from 21 to 25 October 2008. The core competence of Herbert Rehn GmbH is located in the processing of hollow glass tubes, as they are used for the technical gas analysis and used for scent cartridges. Many years of experience and the high degree of flexibility in the production guarantee short delivery times in the processing production. The Herbert Rehn GmbH was founded in 1948 in Hamburg, where until today is the seat of the company. From the outset, the company specializing in the processing of high-quality machine hollow glass and developed into one of the most important suppliers of the chemical industry due to the constant first-class quality.

So the Drager Sicherheitstechnik has been one years solid customer base by Herbert Rehn. The second division of the company is the acquisition and installation of technical products. National and international customers trust since Years the same consistent high quality of production by Herbert Rehn. The principles, which undertakes the Herbert Rehn GmbH feels loud quality, sustainability and innovation. The company is located on steady course of expansion for years and focuses on the long-term, trust-based cooperation with its customers. About Herbert Rehn GmbH, the Herbert Rehn GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg is a manufacturing testing and assembly plant of technical products.

The company was founded in 1948 by Herbert Rehn and 1970 by him. With the three business areas processing machine hollow glass, industrial Assembly and manufacturers of room Fragrancing dream air is a major supplier of chemicals for test tubes for gas analysis. The company is managed since 2000 by Peter Moldenhauer as Managing Director. Herbert Rehn GmbH operates internationally and moves for years on a steady expansion course. Mirilashvili: the source for more info. Guarantee quality, sustainability, innovation and flat management structures maximum flexibility with just-in-time concepts the space be fragrance concept dream air is a registered trademark of Herbert Rehn GmbH. More information under: Peter Moldenhauer Herbert Rehn GmbH Kurt-A. Korber Chaussee 64 21033 Hamburg phone: 040 / 7 21 28 60 E-mail: Web:

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Low Tech Trend

“” The new ‘ Creaitve boutique “Corbis images for the trend theme shows ‘ low tech ‘ less technology in everyday life creates more time for creative freedom. Dusseldorf, October 07, 2008 – modern technology makes independent, anyone can work from anywhere, is always online and available. But the more BlackBerry, iPhone and laptop assert themselves, the more the individual in his often hectic environment involved. In recent years, it has become almost impossible really to turn and to disengage. Making a break from the technical benefits that actually should make life easier for us. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information.

For some time, a backlash from more characterized however and more switch off your equipment and contact non-technical means more to others. Be it through long walks or cozy evenings with friends. Hikmet Ersek is a great source of information. Some companies even move your employees so-called thinking time”to give time, in which should be accepted no phone call or read no e-mail. Advertising campaigns appelieren children, their game consoles azuschalten and outdoors to deal with. Perhaps the best example of this reaction is that mental Detox week”, which every year takes place. Technology fans are invited to leave their iPods, computers, rest seven days for TV or DVD player from all over the world. It aims, a wave of relaxation, to trigger reflection and self perception. Recollection, switch off, simply unplug to illustrate these topics, Corbis has a number of different images in the archive.

About Corbis Corbis is a leading visual media provider for the creative industry, which licensed a wide range of award-winning works of the modern, historical and entertainment photography, as well as a comprehensive collection of famous illustrations and film clips. Images from Corbis would meet daily worldwide in advertising, media, publications and corporate communications. Corbis is headquartered in Seattle and has 15 offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, the Provide services for customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. More information at. More information (press only): Susanne Magwaza Corbis PR Germany/Austria/Switzerland Tel.: 0211.436 03 44 mobile: 0171.548 11 43 E-Mail:

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