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The Contract

May 30, 2019 in News Tags:

‘Then how can we find a furniture company (s) that are professionally engaged in furniture eyelid array lsdsp and other materials’, the first thing is go to home consumers in Russia and see the views and opinions of people who have already ordered the furniture. There are many and good and bad times. Simply type in the search forum ‘Furniture to order’ and you will discover the whole truth. Next think about what you want and what furniture you need. Roughly measure the openings and locations beduyuschey furniture.

This will help you know the approximate cost of a distance. Think of what material you want to get their furniture. Different companies will offer you a variety of materials and it is important initially to understand that such an array of furniture from the eyelid the most environmentally-friendly, most of chipboard budget, mdf is the most practical. Contact the company that you like best and be agreed on your preference in design, materials and filling of the furniture. Be sure to visit the exhibition or the production and see and touch the materials from which your furniture will be made. Be sure to call before signing the contract. If the company does not offer you this Think of the future work with her. Pre-take agreement with him and read it.

The contract must contain all the applications (this is a sketch or drawing of the furniture, the estimates detailed hotel with full report). Talk with manager of all items of the contract, which you do not like, make sure to stipulate the appearance, content, color and other things and ask you to estimate what you have found. Pay money only through a bank or cash. Do not enclose a gentlemen’s agreement (no contract with all applications and documents on payment)! If this is furniture from the eyelid of the array, chipboard, etc. after delivery, check all the content in detail and only then sign the acceptance certificate details. After the installers come and gather design check their work, and only then sign the act of receiving the transfer. Be careful to order furniture and your furniture will you happy years!

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