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Droughts Foods

June 3, 2019 in News Tags:

This takes place in a moved economy in recent years on installments cheap to monetize consumption. But now, we will have in the horizon of average stated period the unreliability and the danger them consequences of an indebtedness of the population, especially for that they are moored to the consigned credits. 5 CONCLUSION All we know very well that while the world will be dependent of the oil, this history to invest total in less pollutant fuels we are alone one politics of the government for the future, using as he forgives the problem of the global heating. Because if the government really it would implant wanted it, therefore Brazil has potential and enough territorial extension for this. What we are seeing is alone an initial kick, is played in the media of – sugar, or another plant less pollutant that is not food, leaving the other foods to kill the hunger of the people, since the government speaks in such a way in hunger zero? The result of this everything will be the high one of the prices of foods, the agriculturist will be stimulated to produce more the used products for the manufacture of biodesel, resulting the law of offers and the demand, what it interests for Brazil. To be leader in the exportation of alcohol and biodesel and to see its people to pass for food scarcity? The necessary government to weigh this with a well worked program well we can sufficiently join the useful one to pleasant, plantar foods for our consumption, exportation and manufacture of biocombustvel.

After all, the problem of the global heating is irreversible, can be brightened up not solved. Ahead of many facts to the long one since text, several are> factors that contribute for the crisis of the fuel and the increase of the price of foods. – The energy increase of the price of fuels and insumos, that affect all the production chain; – The speculation in the international market of commodities; – The increase of the production of biocombustveis in the world, that destines each time more land for fuel production, in detriment of foods; – The improvement in the quality of life of emergent countries of great population, as China and India; – Droughts in different parts of the world; – The fall of the quotation of the dollar in the international market, provoking an escape of investors in direction to the market of commodities; – The return of the inflation. Commodities: Products – it is a term of English language that, as its plural commodities, that it means merchandise, is used in the transactions commercialism products of primary origin in the commodity exchanges.

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