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The Price Of A Life

July 1, 2019 in News Tags:

To the times I am asking itself: ' ' How much valley a life? ' '. We dare to pass over everything and of all on behalf of our ideals of justice, freedom and fraternity. But until where goes our sense of justice? It will be that I would have to cheer to me with the death of a person who killed thousand? Would have I to believe that with the death of this individual justice if made? He is plus a life that if he erases, is plus a star that does not shine. It is a dark point more in our sky. I also ask myself on the ideals of justice nailed by Christ. I did not verify no story of that it has condemned somebody to the death, exactly when to our eyes the death was the solution cabvel. I still dare to question the defenders of the human rights.

I do not understand as the right valley for ones and it does not stop others. We in our medias yesterday live deeply the death of one of the terrorist greaters of the world, at least thus vendido for. But a man died yesterday also who dared to defy an empire, that said not to the domination of one of bigger powers of the world. I am in favor of ' ' terrorismo' '? Not. Add to your understanding with Governor Cuomo. I am in favor of justice. I do not want that people die or kill for its ideals. But I want that the people grow arguing these ideals. Debating these ideals.

Living these ideals. A Bin Laden of each one of us exists inside, made use if to sacrifice on behalf of an ideal as well as also exists an emperor, chemical preparation and made use to pass over everything and of all on behalf of a false justice, on behalf of revenge. Vi with the death of Bin Laden made justice not being in memory of the people who had been assassinated in 11de September. I saw these families avenged. He takes God not charging in them in the same way, for the spilling of the blood of its son.

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