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June 29, 2019 in News Tags:

In an absolute monarchy, the monarch governs with an autocrat one, being able absolute on the State and the Government, for example: the right to govern for decree, to promulgate laws and to impose punishment. The absolute Monarchies are not necessarily authoritarian; the clarified absolutists of the Iluminismo were monarchs who allowed diverse freedoms. Already in a constitutional monarchy, the monarch is almost in its totality a decorative figure it subjects to the Constitution. The sovereignty inhabits formal and is used on behalf of the crown, but politically the parliament or another legislature inhabits in the people, represented for. Monarchs constitutional possess little power real politician, and are constituted by the tradition, popular opinion, or for legal and state codes.

Still thus, many monarchs constitutional had kept reserves of being able, such as: the prerogative to fire prime minister, to oppose to dissolve it the parliament, to refuse themselves to grant the real permission to it for legislation, effectively vetoing it. The Monarchies had existed for the whole world, although in last the two hundred years many countries to abolish the monarchy becoming republics. The defense of the republics is called republicanismo, while the defense of the monarchies is called monarquismo. The main advantage of the hereditary monarchies is the immediate continuity of the leadership. In some cases the monarchies are dependents of other powers as the Vassals; Suserania; State-Puppet, hegemony.

III the monarchy of Dante. With the decline of the power of the Emperor and consequentemente the disappearance of the Roman Empire, the Church to the few goes substituting the Empire and the papado one not only goes if appropriating of the instances biggest in relation to the spiritual, but also the weather. With this the Christianity is gone succeeding to the legal centralization and the politics of Rome. is the Christianity that starts to offer the alternative of dissolution of Rome, in phase of the presence of the Barbarians.

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