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The Baixa Of Lisbon

May 31, 2013 in News Tags: , , ,

Arriving in Lisbon, one of the first things that can draw your attention is the abrupt orography, there are such drop-offs that Lisbon is endowed of a few elevator mechanics, funicular railways, allowing to climb big drop-offs effortlessly. Within this rugged terrain called the Baixa area corresponds to the lower part of the city of Lisbon, real commercial and financial heart of the Portuguese capital. We find a lot of shops and people flooded terraces in the Baixa. Musicians and artists give the area a Bohemian environment. After the earthquake that devastated Lisbon in 1755 the Biaxa area was virtually destroyed, so it had to be Gallus almost in its entirety. In its reconstruction was respected its grid structure, which will facilitate the orientation of the visitor, and the spacious squares that dot the entire area and fill it with life. Their places among the trade Plaza, next to the river Tagus, it was and is the gateway to Lisbon for those who come to it from the River.

In this impressive square, one of the most big in Europe, we can make a stop at our route and delight of their environment while we take a coffee in the Martinho da Arcada, the oldest Cafe in Lisbon. From the square of Commerce, can go towards the North, by the Rua da Prata, and reach the Plaza da Figueira, old market of the city, while if we are heading towards the River, through the imposing triumphal arch, we will arrive at the Rua Augusta, a lively pedestrian street, where there are many cafes and shops, and where we can leverage to do our shopping in Lisbon. And if we want to end our route for the Baixa taking a different perspective of the neighborhood, most advisable is to navigate to the Rua de Santa Justa, where you will find a funicular railway that will take us up to the Bairro Alto, from where we will have beautiful views of the Baixa of Lisbon. Read our guide to travel to Lisbon and discover more useful data to visit Lisbon.

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