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Shipping To Russia

June 17, 2019 in News Tags: ,

One of the main activities is transportation of TC Capital transporter of new and used vehicles owned by individuals or legal entities in Russia and Kaliningrad. If you need to make delivery vehicle, the use of transporter is one of the best options, which helps to minimize transportation costs. Also, we are able to translate technically faulty vehicles. At any auto our company can be loaded up to 8 cars simultaneously. All cars are transported on our transporter – zastrahovany.Takzhe sells cargo in Russia, CIS and Europe. We transport any oversized and dangerous goods.

Rental of special equipment. TEK "Capital" provides freight transportation from the first day of creation, and it succeeds at a high level. Drivers with many years of trouble-free operation, excellent freight forwarders, neat riggers who are familiar with all the features of loading and unloading different types of cargo. Autopark TEK "Capital" includes vehicles that can carry different amounts of cargo (up to 20 tons in one car). Besides , the "Capital" carries out cargo transportation of oversized cargo, groupage. At any time you can make an order for delivery of goods, it is necessary to call and advise managers on cost and timing of orders. Delivery of outsized cargo – a service that greatly simplifies the life of entrepreneurs, construction companies and individuals who are interested in the delivery of one or the other City of bulky goods. Bulky goods today are called cargo whose dimensions exceed the dimensions of an ordinary cargo vehicle. Usually, oversized cargo are metal products, turbines, machine parts, turbines, large parts of nodes, as well as agricultural machinery, which is unable to walk independently, except that – road equipment such as tractors, bulldozers, compactors, which not able to move to the big states, or may do it for very long. The competence of the managers of our company is to organize the support of the specialized services that can provide safety of road users, as well as cargo insurance services for various conditions.

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