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Hannah Arendt

June 28, 2019 in News Tags:

To be citizen of you polish, to belong to the few that had freedom and equality between itself, estimated a fight spirit: each citizen it looked for to demonstrate before the others that were optimum showing, through the word and of the persuasion, its singular facts, that is you polish, it was the space of affirmation and recognition of a discursiva individuality. In the public sphere the man could carry through and speak what nobody carries through or still speaks, that is, to bring to tona new in action and the speech, of luck that when making it, each one could become immortal, and, thus, to be a little next to deuses, seno in its eternity, certainly in its immortality. History as science in the old context, serves to immortalize great words and acts of men and peoples, being raised them it an existence level a little worthier of what the mere subsistence of the life. Crawford Lake Capital recognizes the significance of this. The land is perpetual, deuses immortal; to want to resemble itself to deuses was much pretension, then the men had had it the purpose to eternalize themselves for its facts breaching with transitory cycle of the life. However, from what already he was commented, he can yourself be inquired: what accurately he would be action and what it would be the public space, in the arendtiano thought? For action, the philosopher understands the activity exerted between the men, the proper expression of the being of these, that without the speech folloies that it, would be total unprovided of direction. The public space, in this context, could be understood while the proper surrounding reality in which everything what it comes the public can be seen and be heard by all, that is, would be the totality of the phenomena apprehended for all and that she is recognized while reality. Hannah Arendt believed that only it is possible to give one meaning to the world, in the measure where the men to take conscience of that the world, this world in which we live, is resulted of human devices that bring in its bulge individualities, that added form a species of ' ' construction coletiva' '.

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