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Salavat Network

November 10, 2013 in News Tags:

Over the years it became evident that specific energy consumption decreased by nearly 8%, leaks – by 11%. In addition, using the latest in electronic control cabinets pumps were consolidated into a single control network. This allowed the unaudited City distribution network, simultaneously providing continuous monitoring of the upgraded water wells. In the water supply system in the analysis of hydraulic regime of a network, and its follow-up were installed in June pumping stations, 4 pressure regulator, thereby reducing the total pressure in the urban network at 1.5 atm. Within three years the economic effect (Fig. 1) from the introduction of the event amounted to 1,717 rubles. Summing up, it is worth say that the logic of modernization Salavat water utility is well within the long time-tested and experience scheme, which is based on "three pillars": the – art equipment – pumps, valves, instrumentation. Selection combination of pumps and control method depending on the characteristics of the network to optimize the current consumption of each pump and the characteristics of the pumping station as a whole.

This requires constant feedback of each unit with the control center network dispatcher – Dispatch distributing networks. This measure makes it possible to reduce the unproductive work of pumping stations and save up to half the pump power – and networking certification preparation of regularly updated databases, where they shall be taken into account all the features. Reliable information about the network nodes will allow the correct hydraulic calculation and provides an opportunity for further savings – due to a significant reduction in the accident and repair work (15%).

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