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Customer Service

November 11, 2013 in News Tags:

Be sure to update your client about the progress every step of the road. Moving up the food chain set up a meeting with his contact with customers and their superiors. Bring in your own management and take this opportunity to show all participants how they will take action. Outline of the settlement plan and commit to updating all those involved in its progress towards resolution, then be sure to follow and fulfill their promises. A meeting like this allows meet with executives and work your way up to the organization, laying the groundwork for future opportunities.

Although you meet unfortunate circumstances, once the problem is resolved, you will be remembered for his quick action and excellent customer service. Provide a concession Since you will not offer refunds or credits, and even if one does not expect his client is a good idea to make a peace offering. Once you solve the problem, offering its customers a free trial of another product. The trial will not only happy, but could lead to future sales. It could also coordinate a dinner or a trip to a ballgame to thank its new executive contacts for your patience and time.

Does your company have a group meeting user, fair or an annual conference that is coming? Offer some free passes. Attendance at events like these, almost always leads to a sale. Whatever you do, do not deliver a gift certificate or gift. Be sure to offer a networking event or something leads to a future sale. Another way to conclude and bring an issue to bed is to arrange a meeting with their executive contacts again. Does your company have an information center executive? Offer to coordinate an event of the evening and executives to show its full line of products, introducing your company executives and learn more about the vision of your company. If your company does not offer this type of service, create your own. Bring an executive session for them by programming executives at his company to talk and present their full product line. Request a lunch celebration with food, giving gifts with your company logo and impress the audience with their professionalism. Unfortunately, many consumers have low expectations of sales people. But you can do this work to your advantage to exceed your expectations by offering excellent customer service and show them that you follow through with their commitments. It is the best way to build trust and lasting relationship and before you know it, more dissatisfied the customer will be your best source of income.

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