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November 13, 2013 in News Tags:

Why the voice of the people is not the voice of God? One popular one has said that in it says that &#039 to them; voice of the people is the voice of Deus'. We will go to demonstrate some incoherences in affirming such principle. The people would be correct in if using of this dictated? Why in our vision ' Vox populi is not Vox Dei? ' , (of the Latin: the voice of the people is not the voice of God). It must be understood as People, all individual that loads I obtain rights and duties having rational notion of both. In our analyses, he will not be implicit that people is only that one that does not apprehend good financial conditions, since money nor always is synonymous of Culture, To know and Conscience.

Leaving of the idea of that God is a Being Onipotente, Scholar, Intelligent and with supreme Goodness, therefore, thus being is not far from being God. But, an imposter of ' verdade' , therefore, God if ahead sees in bad sheets of this aphorism, therefore, in this he is emphasized that the human being so is filed a suit how much It. He is? ' povo' he does not withhold Truth, the Wisdom, Goodness in itself e, much less the astuteness in the corporate resolutions, intellectual and citizens. Much imports with it proper e, little or nothing with the others. It is stingy, individualistic, hypocritical and with character shunting line. It is more animal of what it imagines to be! ' practical voice of Deus' if manifest with attitudes thus? People is in the current times, synonymous of declining human beings, slow and with little potential of responsibility he stops with next and the society which is part. When ' tirano' Adolf Hitler said that the people likes exactly, is of ' bread and circo' , that is, of ' party, curtio and imbecilidades mltiplas' , of it was not all made a mistake.

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