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Reconstruction Process

October 8, 2012 in News Tags:

The strike of professors, however, was one of the factors that took the pupils to give up to study. How much the relation professor-pupil, we perceive that it has the mutual respect between that they make the school and that it has a concern of the managing nucleus how much to the formation of its educandos. The managing nucleus, together with the professors, tries to rescue auto-esteem of the pupils, promoting projects that they search to improve the intellectual and moral development of the same ones. If treating to the formation of professors, the majority they are formed or they are if forming in the area where they act, many look for to take care of the necessities of the classroom, others not, as it was mentioned previously. In the planejamentos, the professors if congregate a time for month in the collective one together with the coordinator and individually better to take care of the necessity of each classroom. On P.P.P (Projeto Poltico Pedaggico), some schools possess, others not.

The ones that they possess, the same ones are passing for the reconstruction process. Some schools also possess the pertaining to school advice in which if they congregate a time for month or when it has some necessity. Its performances happen mainly in the financial area, as well as in the pedagogical and administrative part. How much to the Resume, all the professors have an understanding on the same, find a requirement very bigger and that it requires much attention, however, they look for to adapt it pertaining to school reality. For Goodson (2002): Os educators interested in establishing an one practical and Resume igualitrios, constantly are taken to insist on the necessity of the dialogue and the mutuality, and with this, to defend ' ' reconstruction of the knowledge and the Currculo' '. The Resume is seen as a process of rationalization of educational results.

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