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Millions In The Air

December 30, 2016 in News

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the Interjet is a low-cost airline company just offering to buy Aviacsa, the third company in the country in its kind in an action that could be interpreted as their last chance before jests changes in the market. Indeed, Aviacsa is the third airline at the moment, back of Mexican aviation and Aeromexico, recently sold to the private sector. But the changes have not finished and the low cost airlines (ABC) advance in the market. Chaired by Eduardo Morales Mega, Aviacsa was past Aeroejecutivo, a company that according to the lists of the PRD was one of the companies that traded portfolio to Fobaproa and his then defeated President Alejandro Morales Mega he fled the country. But beyond obscure incidents, Eduardo Morales has taken the reins of Aviacsa to convert it into an airline’s importance, although he is handled has a fleet of aircraft in obsolescence and another amount of equipment for rent. Indeed, the image of Aviacsa on the sector is not good for the old in their aircraft although the company strives in constant offers to attract new users. InterJet on Aviacsa interest isn’t so much by aircraft or brand, but by sites has assigned in the complicated and saturated airport of the city of Mexico.

Apparently the people of Miguel German Magnani, President of the airline, did you not price Aviacsa that left aside the saying of sale when you buy. Thus, it seems that he lost the opportunity of Gold partner, modernize and grow. This year the fight is closed and two large airlines have subsidiaries to fight with the ABC through Click and Aeromexico Connect. So far, a million dollar transaction was in the air waiting for best and changing conditions in the aviation market of Mexico. To the carrier there are airlines that should give a wrench with the ticket because things that are disarming in the air. Original author and source of the article.

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