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Multilevel Marketing

January 5, 2017 in News Tags:

One reason (there are many others) by which people are leaving the Multilevel Marketing and succeed in it is because they mistakenly think that this is going to provide quick and easy income within months begin, they think they easily get many customers, especially the people around you, friends and family. At first they are full of euphoria, in a hurry to begin as soon as possible, are in thousands of euros in his pocket and finding his close people (so-called hot market) reject their MLM business idea, seeing that pass months and not get the clients they wanted, they get discouraged, they end up leaving, looking for a new method or revenue system easier, and are thrown away a long time, even years, jumping from one place to another. Hence the title of this article (Multilevel Marketing A Call Marathon) because all people starting an MLM should know that this is a marathon and not a 100m race. We start slowly, very slowly, because there is still a long way to go. An MLM business we must take it as a future investment in the medium to long term, as if we invest our money in an Investment Fund to five years.

Five years is what we have to be as little to check whether or not really worth in the world of MLM. We need to give us an opportunity both to us as a company to which we represent. Be jumping from one company to another, from one product to another at the first change is a big mistake. Throughout this marathon, we will all, with bad times in which we will want to leave for “not know how to accept rejection” of other people, who say no to our business, see what happens over time and our network is not end of growth, seeing that you work and get clients but your “downline” do the same about you, etc. And good to see that we started to get our first customers and our network, starts to boot. Hence the importance of telling yourself from the beginning that you will get it if ……..

or if you’re going to reach the goal, be very clear and know that later that evening, we end up getting it. Only with that mentality, none of those bad times will affect us and leave this marathon and you leave home. Because if you have not totally clear, you are very easily killed by the hardest mile ….. And more so if we speak of an Online Network Marketing, where we can attract customers from the comfort of our home, without having to be traveling great distances looking for customers or receiving a refusal of the people in our own face. Summarizing the success in MLM is to learn as if it were a marathon starting slowly and save energy for the miles we have left to go.

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