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Hugo Chavez

November 22, 2018 in News

In Latin America, several Governments oppose globalization neoliberal with more or less success for years. Perhaps because Latin America has undergone in the last two decades of fierce and dogmatic application of neoliberal measures predators. Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador agree with various differences in look for new ways to organize the economy and distribution of wealth, and therefore have supported and support tremendous and frontal attacks of news media, which discredit attempts to greater social justice. Attacks come so far as to distort facts and data, hide realities, or, simply, lying, presenting searches for social justice as camouflaged projects of authoritarianism. Use, for example, obvious defects and personal failures of Hugo Chavez to delegitimize an attempt in way more just to organize the country is bad faith, when not something worse. When have we read with the same ferocity (with which the news media denounce the Governments of Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia) criticising Mr Putin’s apparent authoritarianism, its flagrant violations of human rights, their menacing nationalist whims? Have we many times read hard attacks against the Chinese dictatorship, against its elevated executions of death sentences, against its massive violations of human rights, against their fierce aggressions to the environment? Never. The reason is obvious: Putin’s Russia, which derives fast towards a new autocratic tsarism, and the dictatorial China do not question the way neoliberal conceive the economy, rather they have the passion of the neophyte, convert, and are more neoliberal than the most mocking neocon. If does not recover a fourth power, citizens must begin to worry. Is why we should perhaps already thinking about how to address this new threat to democracy, the big media converted into agents of neoliberal propaganda and political commissars of the attempts of greater justice.

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