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Welfare Office

November 19, 2018 in News Tags:

“We have offered Ms. Aigner to feel like a rabbit and” in the cage to squat; It is unfortunately failed to fulfil this request, therefore we have blocked the exit of the Ministry and for several minutes at the exit prevented Mrs Aigner in a spontaneous action”, so Stefan Klippstein”no thank you spokesperson for animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening,”. Even the security forces on the ground and the police could not prevent this action. At noon, the cage then also on the Berlin Alexanderplatz was raised and prompted consumers to feel like a rabbit in the mast. “Many consumers could not imagine how tight it is a rabbit cage”, explains clip stone. Currently, there are no mandatory attitude for fattening rabbits. The conditions in the cage for fattening are so dramatic that the meat of rabbits in the Switzerland only with the clear warning “from cage in the Switzerland non-approved” fattened in Germany may be sold. “Both actions caused much attention among passers-by and the Employees of the Ministry”, said Stefan clip stone concluded.

Company description the German animal protection Office has focused on the topic of “Animal welfare” and provides guidance on the implementation of campaigns, actions and events so-called nonprofit organizations such as animal – and nature conservation associations. The Office accepts for its contractor publicity, press and lobbying. Photographers for the Welfare Office are also active, who have the tasks, pictorially to accompany campaigns and actions, as well as to create animal welfare relevant photos and video material (E.g. for factory farming, animal husbandry, Zoo, circus, dog ownership). Even before local searches as well as the detection of animal cruelty in addition to the “Infobroking” (information gathering) are among the other duties of the Welfare Office. Thus the Office sees primarily as an interface for media and consumer associations.

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