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November 26, 2018 in News

Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology necessarily the subject of inculturation, always requires a process of dialog between the Gospel and culture. Can we not talk about the meaning of culture. What is culture? It would be the question. One thing in fairly complex reality. This concept has been approached by amount of disciplines.

Philosophy, anthropology, psychology. In the light of the Gaudiun Spes Constitution dogmatic on the Church in the modern world. When we talk about culture, we are not referring to the cultural baggage to the baggage of knowledge that a person can have. Today we have these species of conception of a little ancient culture. We believe that culture is one that has multiple skills, i.e. is a cultured person. This concept of culture is not used in our case. For us and for the Church, and therefore for Vatican II.

Culture means, all those feelings, all those modes of by which a people expresses. In other words, all these ways of being a village. Peoples are expressed through art, through education, through the economy, through their kinship systems. They express ways of being themselves. Each human group has a way of being, a way of interacting with nature, a way to relate to God, a way of relating among themselves. These elements that make up culture, is what interests us rescue. Then by culture we must consider three dimensions or fundamental elements: relationship between Dios Relacion with friendly relationship with himself and others. We consider from now, Gospel, Christian faith, or church, as synonyms. The Christian faith has to penetrate cultures of men. Then, we will see that inculturation not only implies a one-way process, but it is a Dialogic process. I.e. to two addresses. Always been thought that inculturation, or earlier to develop all the theology of inculturation, has been designed it wrongly, we incultural, means the presence of the Christian faith in the culture or cultures. We will see that it is not just that unique address, but that it also involves this other dimension. It is a process of dialogue. And we see two levels: first do present the Christian faith in a particular cultural context. There we are in agreement. But what is the purpose of this inculturation? Simply do to Christian faith is made present in a culture. This is the initial part of the process. We must ensure that the Christian faith begin to express themselves, but starting from the cultural values of this culture specifically. In such a way that the Christian faith at the end finished expressing themselves through cultural values that we find here. But also in crib culture there are anti values. Today we have many bodybuilders who idealize, absolutizan culture. And at least this is not the position of the Magisterium of the Church. Culture is dynamic, changing. The Christian faith does not change is immutable. What are the? ways, or through how the Christian faith began to express themselves in a culture for us to say that this inculturated? And it is through the values of the culture. The integration between faith and culture is given at the end. This both Pablo VI claimed.

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