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Wines From Portugal

February 11, 2017 in News Tags:

Wines from Portugal periods in the wine market in Central Europe still in the shadows, in the supermarket are usually found only a small selection in the back corner of the wine shelves. Jokingly said in Portugal that they themselves prefer to drink their own wines and they do not want to share with other countries. The truth is that Portugal has not yet managed to sell the grape juice to be successful in other countries. In Portugal has the potential of quality and quantity. In principle, all Portugal is an excellent wine-growing region thanks to the favorable climatic condition of the country and the fertile soils. Of the Minho region in the north to the Algarve region in the south thrilled the variety of wines to connoisseurs. In addition to the red wine and white wine are the "Vinho Verde", the green wine, and the heavy port wine specialties of the country ("Vinho de Porto). In the rural areas of the north, the wine is still produced traditionally by small farmers.

The grapes are harvested and crushed in a stone trough and kept for about 2-3 days fermentation. The entire small family is involved. In the basement of the pawn these treasures will be preserved. Earlier in wooden barrels and in modern times, often in aluminum tanks. The tourist is interested in Central and northern Portugal certainly invited to a wine tasting on hikes. Portuguese are a very proud people and a new opinion on the quality of the wine is always sought out like new. There is also the hospitality and sociability of the amiable people. Those interested in wine and want to get to know one of the oldest landscapes in the world, should take a trip on the Douro, the wine-growing region on the Douro river is unique and the best to enjoy the boat.

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