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University Community

June 25, 2012 in News Tags:

Previously Considrese in addition, that the quality assurance generally implies the comparison between a certain product or service and a standard, defined, that establishes the criteria to describe the quality as this or or service. In this scope, the standard increasingly used is norm ISO 9001. The universities can lean in this model, where once and for all the university authorities in charge of the management, operativity of the universities, must be very kind of the management systems effective that guarantees excellence and for it, they require to count on a series of methods and tools that allow to analyze and to solve problems, to put in quality practice measured, to realise comparisons with other organizations, to redesign processes or any other action of the institution, that allows them to leave avante the present crisis that confronts and to recover the academic excellence. Inpro of its profit, they can use benchmarketing, tool that one is based on an analysis coming from external agents to the own organization. Its application usually is used to establish comparisons with the best practices realised by the competition, although also it is possible to be used at internal level, to analyze units or processes of the own organization. One is not to literally copy the procedures of the units analysis object but the study of other processes to learn and to improve the own ones. It is possible to indicate, that the application of model EFQM, has become in Spanish universities with success, as it provides the antecedent of which the UCAM, is the first university in Spain in obtaining Sello of European Quality EFQM for its general services the recognition enough process of Sello of European Quality EFQM began already in October of 2005 with the aim of devising a Plan of Action centered in three fundamental aspects: – To conduct battle to improve the satisfaction of the University Community.

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