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On Selective Garbage Coleta

June 26, 2012 in News Tags:

The Campaign of Re-education On Selective Garbage Coleta, must also alert to the smokers of the building that nor all smoke and that it must have a proper place for this. Being thus, it will be rank, in the majority of the floors, soil ash trays in the sector of the stairs and also next to the windows to the corridors, what it will make with that the smokers if direct for these places to smoke. Part of the solution of this problem would be the sand rank in all the soil ash trays, what already it would indicate the people in general to that is about ash tray, and not of a lixeira. Complementing, it would have the rank of ash trays in strategical points, as illustrated in the figure above, and the awareness of the smokers, so that they only smoke in the indicated places as ' ' fumdromo' '. These called places of ' ' fumdromos' ' they would be the points where if they would place the indicative plates and the sand ash trays. To walk Trreo In the trreo floor will have: 1 functional car of 120 liters with yellow stock market 2 selective collectors in plastic c 5 lixeiras? in the external part of the building 1 selective collector in plastic c 4 lixeiras? in the external part of the building 5 ash trays in polypropylene (2 in front of the elevators, 2 in the reception of building and one in the entrance of the building) 4 hampers p garbage 14 liters s Cover the collector of stacks and batteries of cellular for recycling will have to be located in the trreo floor enter the door of main access and the reception, in visible place and of easy identification for the users of the building. 2 To walk – Audience In as the floor will have: 1 selective collector in plastic c 4 lixeiras? in the external part of the building 2 hampers p garbage 14 liters s cover 2 texturizado soil ash trays 1 ash tray in polypropylene 3 To walk? The access since walking and forbidden for pupils and professors, for in such a way it was not contemplated in the project. .

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