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June 24, 2016 in News

The use of various processes that indicate that there was a movement of economic resources has contributed with banking institutions to improve the management of the accounts and the financial movements that make a person or a company. Transactions are all those banking movements that make a person or entity during the period of time that it is registered in the Bank, among the movements or most common transactions find some as the transfer of funds, deposit or withdrawal made from an account in specific, however there are a bit more complex as economic returns by us billing or collection account by the entity control Bank towards us. Banking transactions have emerged as an easy way of handling the accounts without many times having to go to the offices of banking institutions, this thanks to the fact that the vast majority of them is carried out by various means, among which we highlight the Internet and phone. Today is such the amount of financial transactions that can be lead to cavo, these can be classified into various types, allowing the user to know with more specification specifies that type of movement was held in an account. Among the types of transactions are two of them, since each possesses different qualities to the user; they are: transactions debit type: these are any banking movement that includes a discount on the funds of a person or company, a clear example of this are transactions such as the payment of a cheque or expenditures made by a card debit; It is good to mention is called debit, because he is responsible for debit values directly to the user’s account.

Type credit transactions: these are contrary to type transactions debit they do is charge the user’s credit account expenses incurred by it, to then be cancelled through a payment or multiple payments, this according to determination of the Bank, a very good example of this is the use of the credit card in a purchase or service payment. It is very important to highlight that all the banking transactions are exposed to various laws of collection by the Bank. This means that for each transaction made in a given time, usually a month, the Bank debited or load according to the type of transaction debit or credit to the account of the user a value of collection by the completion of the transaction, this is usually known as mind control. In conclusion, financial transactions are the mainstay of the banking activity, since thanks to them these entities receive a valuable economic contribution to continue with the development of the same, it is also good to mention that thanks to this kind of financial movement users can provide an endless financial activities as the a payment or deposit, which usually represent a loss of time if they did personally.

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