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The Why

September 14, 2018 in News

Important therefore to your evidence, to determine the reason for them in what they have bequeathed us, what they learned, more when engaged actors who have contributed to our growth, something feelings learning. Significant, is to determine that we are both identified in those encounters, especially the programmed not manifesting spontaneously and those that we are planning them when we select actors who we want to get involved in our lives. Very relevant to consider in his appearance, the way how we engage with all its manifestations, sometimes without determining its scope, impact, more, when we were ignorant of what this would represent, especially, when considered it transient, not apreciabamos that to the extent that us compenetrabamos, We gave opportunity to the manifestation of feelings, emotions, ignoring what would represent a separate scenario given life temporarily. The fact, that many of these encounters have bequeathed us to remember them sometimes, lots of information, learning, effects, that reflect on this, especially our action, we determine how much represented its manifestation. We will have probably discovered that represents e.g.

concerning attachment, dependence, emotions, feelings, love, friendship among others. We will have taken account that we are transient, while giving us the opportunity to live are prone to meetings, where we take advantage to what they involve. We will discover, for example, that people with which we have shared some time, exchanged emotions, feelings, in dialogue, communique, maybe no longer exist physically, have ceased to exist or we have simply unlinked, ran out of the time that we were allowed to be together, we do not know more than them, however, emerge from time to time in our memory, often generating us joy, but also sadness because, when we were given the opportunity to meet, share, not harnessing it intensely. Failed to seize the opportunity, nor identify the why we should share, hours, days, months and maybe some years, while is us allowed sharing, enjoying the moment. In conclusion, very relevant role of the fleeting encounters, that allows us to insert ourselves in a scenario where emotions, sensations, feelings, learning manifested and invite us to determine its raison d ‘ etre, the reason for its manifestation, of his legacy, to be awake as actors in them, can make all the necessary for our personal and spiritual growth. They are opportunities for life do not come back to give and if unfortunately we weren’t awake, nor we delve into its essence was thrown away a short time that as mentioned does not return to give, if by chance involves the same test qe was presented to us, the actors are not the same, time is not the same. Deepen the why of the reason for these fleeting encounters, enclosing, it is suggested that legan us and how we act on them, without us may lead to suffering, dependence, addiction.

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