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Patxi Lopez Mortgage

May 24, 2013 in News Tags: , ,

But while remain the movement in favour of this measure with props as the judges of commercial law. In the campaign and the election campaign has also left the question: the Basque lehendakari Patxi Lopez (PSOE) has spoken of the possibility of limiting the liability of the debtor, but also it has rrido the risks of these measures; for its part, the Madrid President Esperanza Aguirre (PP) has gone beyond showing favour the dation in payment for new mortgages. But the entities are still closed in-band to address the issue, as he said recently La Caixa, whose President, Isidro Faine, said that the banks and always reach agreements with customers who can’t pay their mortgage. It is what, as he has published five days, would be doing the banks by allowing foreigners who cancel the debt with the delivery of housing. IE: allowing them to payment in kind.

It is no wonder: many directors of Bureau have already been found on the other side of your table a person who hands him the keys to your home immediately prior to catch a plane to his country and prefer to accept that before which maintain a nearly impossible to collect debt and lengthen the procedure. And is that beyond the recent rulings that they are impacting on clauses floor – fixing a minimum interest on variable-interest loans, is the persistence of debt mortgage debate central axis: that if the owner can’t pay, the property is seized and the outstanding debt still prevalent. To settle it, auction is housing with a starting price of less than the appraisal. If there is no buyer, the financial institution can forgo is it by half of its output value and this is the only amount that is subtracted from the debt. The rest, the buyer has to follow him paying, with their interests, which, the entities can resort to the embargo for the rest of their property and income.

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