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Industrial South East Asia

July 17, 2012 in News Tags:

One of the most ancient cities of South East Asia, a major industrial center and just a charming corner of the world, where a surprising combination of oriental and western style charm All this – Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, the name which means "a place surrounded by the river." The town, situated in the north, was built a thousand years ago in the middle of the Red River Delta on the orders of Emperor Lee Tae It. It was he, the founder of the Ly Dynasty, decided to transfer the capital from Deil in Thang Long – "the city ascending dragon." The name "Hanoi" came much later, in 1831 – the dictates of the Emperor Minh Mang. A century later with little to develop the master plan of the capital Vietnam has been connected by our compatriot, the Soviet architect Igor Alferov. The capital of Vietnam – Hanoi city ascending dragon is divided into fourteen districts. Nine of them are considered internal, among them political downtown Badin, the old center of Hoan Kiem, Kahuzi of the same bridge, Dongda, Haybachyng, Hoangmay, Longbien, and Thansuan. At five in the external areas include Dongan, Zyalam, Tyliem, Thanchi and Shokshon.

And just two years ago the adherence to the town a few provinces with an area increased more than threefold. Now the capital of Vietnam has become one of the seventeen major cities of our planet and among the ten most interesting for tourist cities in Asia. Weather in Hanoi Local subequatorial climate is characterized by two seasons: wet and hot – in summer and dry, rather warm – in winter, which makes the rest in the main city in the country appealing to any time of year.

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