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Help And Thereby Saving

May 7, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Who nochspendet this year can reduce his tax bill for 2010. The simplest and most beautiful form of donation is one that supports voluntary meaningful institutions. Doing good can be done right in two respects. For a useful project, which is located at the heart of one. On the other hand for your own wallet, because donations a way are to reduce the tax burden. Since 2007, the IRS recognizes donations of up to 20 percent of income as special editions.

Without more details and supporting documents, the IRS flat pulls 36 euros for single adults and 72 euro for married couples for special editions such as donations or church. Each donated euro, which exceeds this limit, more tax benefits. Who submit the receipt with your tax return next year, lowering the income tax for the year 2010. The State thus financed a part of the donation. Donations are to take also a form, what the State spends its money. The conservation organization Naturefund provides special donations for Christmas on. Naturefund wants to ensure in southern Hesse in the Siegerland Aue a wet meadow for the Lapwing. The stock of meadow bird has fallen in the last 20 years due to the loss of nature-friendly Habitat by up to 95 percent.

A protected resting and breeding place for the rare bird to due to the purchase of this feudal at least in the Siegerland floodplain. Already with five euros, two square meters of wet meadow can be backed up permanently. Naturefund is recognized as a non-profit organization. In addition to a nice certificate and a donation of 30 euros all automatically receive a receipt for income tax. Account for donations: Naturefund e. V., Nassauische Sparkasse, bank code 510 500 15, account 101 261 352, subject: Lapwing. More information under: Kalyani press photos see: press news

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