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November 15, 2013 in News

It seems that the new season at Grandvalira has had much success and many important improvements, among which we find us opening night facilities and some activities such as ballooning and many other innovations that have been tabled, and investment has been 3 million euros and has worked intensely so that everything would be ready for the new season, even for the advancement of season. Snowfalls have been so good and intense than the Grandvalira ski station month past had advanced the season on 20 and 21 November, opening part of the sectors for skiers who were approaching and offering several activities in Pas de la Casa and Crau Roig, therefore many skiers had come after having determined the rental of apartments in Pas de la Casa ski at that same station weekend and enjoy the snow before. But the official opening of the season was on November 27, 2010 and runs until April 25, 2011, which makes one of the longest ski seasons. In addition assessments of snow have been excellent, reaching the 40 centimetres which makes us it arise a 2010-2011 season which promises in Grandvalira. The days prior to the season have been intense, with cannons and grooming machines, with the incorporation of innovations and many new things which gave rise to an investment of EUR 3 million. However, the effort has been worthwhile, since people who were approaching the station were able to enjoy a few days of skiing in conditions. This weekend has been a harder snow, and expected that the facilities conditions suitable to the skiing in the coming days, so that the followers of this sport can enjoy a few days of skiing. Without a doubt, if you even approach you to spend these mini-vacation you can decide you by spending a few days in Grandvalira and enjoy skiing at its maximum essence.

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