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Dealing with Errors Efficiently

November 19, 2013 in News Tags:

These simple tips may help you in better shape to handle their mistakes and those of people who relate with you in January. Be aware that things almost never go as planned. I’m an expert in developing projects and budgets, and I can assure you the best quote, you’re always wrong, but if properly developed, will be close to the result achieved. However, many things do not go as planned and should be modified or abandoned quickly to reduce the negative influence of adverse outcome. Manage the frustration that results when something goes wrong, learn from experience. Learning is not a failure.

When you have a problem, check if you know the solution, in this case, use it and if you do not know, remember that worry and fret not solve it. Stress affects people largely decreases your ability to react, think and act, to seek help in a difficult situation, to expand its menu of options, consider what you can do and if it finally has no solution, no wait distressed, without harming others and without blame, over time some things change and the solution will come. If something is not right, not always a failure. All decisions have a high probability of being wrong or to be successful and succeed in an important decision that is no guarantee of success, being wrong is not a failure. Be aware that success depends on successful and make many decisions that the effect of which exceed those which take the wrong way.

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