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Equality Customers

September 17, 2016 in News Tags:

I tired to hear the people saying that the Internet is a democratic media, that as much makes if the person or company is poor or rich, great or small, all dispute the attention of the possible customers of equal for equal. What it defines the success or failure is the quality of the communication and not to be able it economic. Everything this is truth and is very good, but as everything in the life has the bad side: the access easiness is so great that when you go to buy if she comes across the same with a infinity of options of suppliers for product, mainly when is about imported electronic. Everything very democratic, well intentioned, coup-minded companies and people and smugglers, everybody in the same wicker basket. worse is that, as I said before, you need to decide of who to buy simply for the quality of the announcement in its screen. It does not have as to touch the product to feel the quality of the finishing, to test to see if it functions, to turn pages, nothing of this. It is a simple question to read an announcement and to decide if it trusts supplier.

As its decision, therefore, it has that to be based only on the information contained in the announcement, I decided to elaborate a list of the information that all buying would have to look for in an announcement before buying. This list if bases on my personal experience as storekeeper who understands what a serious trader always has and one badly intentioned one does not have. We go it: 1.Bsico of the basic one: miracle does not exist. Legitimate imported electronic are bought of the manufacturer, all the storekeepers buy of one same deliverer, certain? Now it imagines that the great nets have a good discounting of scale and that, on the other hand, a small storekeeper if it contents with a lesser edge to compensate.

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