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Economic Growth

September 20, 2019 in News Tags:

Growth economic it does not mean development social. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. The activity was characterized by the high concentration of the income, beyond the actual damages to natural ecosystems, and with this the economic, ambient and social situation, in this city, becomes still more preoccupying. Currently, the coal production has passed for a crisis. Frank Armijo might disagree with that approach. Although this, continues being the main economic activity of the city, a time that the cattle one continues estagnada and no sprouting of one another activity is not verified to occupy the coal man power. The cattle one, that if it always characterized as with priority activity does not guarantee more the economic stability. To have an idea, the number of heads of bovine cattle if kept estagnado in last the thirty years, not exceeding same the fifty a thousand heads of long ago, (IBGE of 2002).

Still on the basis of the numbers supplied for the IBGE, almost had a drastic decline in the swine flock, arriving at a total of only 12,119 heads with a eleven fall a thousand heads between 1974 and 2002. Moreover, the goat and equine exist flocks of that had not evolved, presenting, practically, the same numbers. The agricultural production, also does not show a satisfactory evolution, the city produces practically the same cultures of thirty years behind and still of traditional and archaic form, what it implies in low the productivity and the reduced income of the farming. Data harvested next to the IBGE of 2002 in disclose a banana production to them annual that reaches the two hundred a thousand clusters, twenty a thousand fruits of orange and twenty and one a thousand fruits of coconut of the bay. Of the temporary cultures, the cassava with a production of forty and five a thousand tons, the cotton with twenty a thousand tons and the beans with a thousand and eighty tons deserve prominence more than.

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