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Bagwan Holger

January 5, 2018 in News Tags:

The well-known journalist Holger Klein defended the illegal Web site and this apparently has forgotten that based the well-known journalist Holger Klein defended the German press freedom on indicating an imprint the illegal Web site and has forgotten it seems that German press freedom is based on the specification of imprint. The Legal Department of the Hessischer Rundfunk, represented by Mr. Bernhard Etzkorn. is able according to own statements as well as of course recognize this fact and is therefore, also according to own statements, no action until further notice in the matter. The situation is not too complicated. There’s the illegal Internet page without specifying an imprint and a host in Hong Kong claims to the detriment of published third party, commits copyright infringement, and addresses and dates of birth are confidential data of third parties on the Internet. Now, on the part of the permanently damaged this page, a reward in the amount of Euro 10.000,-was suspended for the identity of the Esowatchbetreiber, with mainly against so called vaccine critics agitating and has obviously all forward commercial interests. With Holger Klein (…”” “(/#comment-13368) that sounds but as follows: looks out, if charlatans have a hunt against people, dare who publicly denounce the charlatanism” the charlatans “are mind you in the Internet without an imprint permanently slanderous people and the hound” is the legitimate prosecution of violators under German legislation, as well as the people who dare to denounce the charlatanism “these however anonymously denounce, and this means of a host in Hong Kong, such as Holger Klein has forgotten to mention.

This amazing variety is appeared suddenly posts that have the reward with respect to the identity of the Esowatcher to the subject of consideration. These numerous bloggers to disclose their identities in their blogs is particularly striking here and one without large Grammar the writing styles of the bloggers without much effort to associate the authors anonymous in the Esowatchblog. The word used by Holger Klein like to Strunzdamlich”for example, is almost as formative for the tone at first. If surprise therefore, that this approach leads to another on the Internet very prominent contemporaries, is who in numerous contributions as an alleged initiator of the page Namely the Frankfurt children’s doctor Ralf Behrmann.

Without secure, universally indisputably the following clearly. One of the operators will be addressed in the Esowatchblog with Ralf, although his Nick is another and Mr Bagwan has linked very numerous himself on his own Web site with books, and books going first and foremost against so-called vaccination teams, where Mr Bagwan every 14 days recommends a vaccination on its own Internet site for all newborn babies, until they reach the 16.Lebensjahr, mind you from birth. Mr Bagwan relies here on recommendations of a Panel, abandoned its previous Chairman resigned has at the global pharmaceutical company Novartis worked to be defended all this Holger Klein now endeavours, where he has apparently forgotten that now under his name occurs and thus a well-known journalist, whose livelihood is the freedom of the press, even about the principle of the German press law rises, which says only everyone can then publish all, if it specifies an imprint. Holger Klein has thus away of its own accord in favor of guerrilla propaganda from the ranks of the right-bound journalists. That the Hessian broadcasting it follows him is far less commonplace and it is difficult to understand how the Hessian broadcasting meets his public mandate through its relevant behavior. H. Meyer

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