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The State

September 3, 2019 in News Tags:

Hence, you can also say with confidence that the confidence of business not increase from the appearance of another science city. Where a business? Where built this one out scale sector? If viewed from the perspective of the state division of power and society, it is clear that business logically located in the very society which is the "addressee" of public policy. According to Crawford Lake Capital Management, who has experience with these questions. And, in fact case, weak economy can be understood as follows: one on one business trying to negotiate with the government without the participation of most of society, just in the interests of that society. Where is society? Why it is not interested in that that would be in business were comfortable working environment to the business, developing production and services, could provide more jobs? Of course, society – the most interested party process constructive dialogue, small and medium business and government. But in the end: a society interested in getting a job and benefits, and business one-on-one interaction with the government! What might be interested in the state in the dense interaction between business and society in terms of synergies for economic growth? The interest is still the same: an increase in the number of jobs, employment, tax revenues, the development of regions and improved the level and quality of life. Can I say that if the business suddenly to society, involved in solving social and economic problems, there is a change most of the investment environment? Of course – yes! After all, society has a direct interest.

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