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December 13, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Screws, bolts and nuts are used for creating threads, connected with certain torques necessary to ensure the prevention of displacement of connected components and samorazbora. Although a number of nails cases may serve the same purpose, the screws are more secure because they have a thread and can gain a foothold in the body of the joined material is better than nails. In addition, the screw with metric thread can not be easily slip out of items such as nails. It's no secret that there are different types of screws and each of them serves a purpose. Screws used for carpentry projects that use wood in as the primary building material.

Metal screws are ideal for fastening metal panels, parts, tools and home appliances. In addition to using the right type of attachment, you must also Make sure the screws are the correct size and thread corresponds to the designated targets. Using the wrong thread size can have disastrous results of your construction projects. For example, the use of Short of fixing bolts or screws on thick wooden boards is not recommended because they do not have enough grip and can easily weaken the entire structure as a whole. Use longer screws for fine board may lead to the destruction and the connection through out fasteners. Screw size is important and there are many different units and the lengths of thread. One of the standards is the metric system of measurement. Screws, thread sizes which correspond to the metric standard called metric screws.

The dimensions of these screws usually begin with the letter M. For this reason, this type of fixture is marked as "M-Series hardware." Dimensions Metric bolts begin with the letter M, followed by the diameter in millimeters, then pitch in millimeters, ie, we usually see in the designation of two numbers, separated by multiplying the 'x'. In general, metric screws visually indistinguishable from those using inch or other types of calibration. Thus, the next time you go shopping to find the right fasteners (screws and bolts) and you will see in the designation letter M-Know before you your desired size. To better define the thread pitch metric thread gauge use. In this case you do not admit mistakes in the selection of bolts or nuts to your work.

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