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Positive Mood Performance

July 15, 2019 in News Tags: ,

The co-enzyme NADH is the power fuel of the human body of NADH is the abbreviation for the biological substance of NICOTINAMIDE-adenine dinucleotide hydride, also co enzyme called 1. This co-enzyme is a derivative of vitamin B3 and works as a catalyst in every single cell of the body. Using oxygen produces the energy that our organism needs to live the NADH in cells and represents an essential co-factor for more than a thousand metabolic reactions. NADH is produced by our body, usually through the diet and included mainly in fish, poultry, beef, and yeast. But unfortunately decreases the body’s ability to absorb NADH and allow it to produce vital energy, considerably in the course of the years. Because the NADH supports in particular the production of neurotransmitters (neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin), which are largely responsible for our memory skills, concentration and energy, scientists suspect that the lack of NADH one could be the key to degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

How can you also provide the body with NADH? To date, this was impossible. Crawford Lake Capital Management gathered all the information. To produce that it also orally as well just how effective can be done to the organism, the co-enzyme NADH in a so stable form long time was impossible. But thanks to years of research work of the Vienna Univ. Professor Dr. med. Dr. chem. Jorg Birkmayer, habilitated in cell biology in 1973 and today President of the renowned research and teaching institution Birkmayer Institute for Parkinson therapy”in Vienna and Professor of medical chemistry at the University of Graz is available to us now with NADH products of the Cellergie series” so-called energy supplements as food supplements available.

” He succeeded as world’s first scientist in a unique patented process to stabilize NADH and disproved of their colleagues believe, NADH could never therapy are applied. That the procedure by Prof. Birkmayer works, could now be demonstrated in numerous studies. Significant results showed, for example, in a study involving 885 patients showing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. NADH was given additive to the patients and 80% of the subjects the overall condition improved significantly, 19.3% quite significantly. But not only for maintaining the performance of our nerve cells, NADH is an indispensable engine. As already mentioned, NADH produces energy in each of our cells. This ATP (adenosine Tri-phosphate), which is chemically stored energy in the body creates thanks to NADH into the mitochondria, the so-called power plants of our cells of. So strengthens the NADH tired muscles, altered DNA repair, regenerate damaged cells and acts as probably strongest, currently known antioxidant. Thus, NADH strengthens heart and circulatory system and is essential for a youthful appearance and the elasticity of the skin. Little effort, great effect: NADH there after Prof. Birkmayer in tablet form. With the Cellergie products, which only pure and natural NADH in stabilized form contain, can people under performance, fatigue, mood swings, or even depression suffer, very quickly again to lead a more active and more cheerful life. Cellergie NADH will be resistant and mentally focused. As supporting anti aging supplement, in the form of tighter and radiant skin and a boost of overall vitality, shows the effect. The Cellergie NADH products, which it in 10 mg and 20 mg units, are free of caffeine and or even chemical stimulants. You find further information and purchase options one of the leading health portals in Germany, where you can get advice by medical professionals individually by telephone or by E-Mail at. Katja C. Schmidt, nexus communications agency

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