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Plato Problem

July 6, 2019 in News Tags:

For example, it will be that the problem of the direction of the life makes sensible? Why? – We need arguments to evaluate the answers that the philosophers and proper us we give to the problem of the philosophy. For example, it will be that the reply that Plato of to the problem of immortality of the soul is good? – And we need to know to evaluate arguments because arguments because the philosophers pass great part of its time to present arguments in favor of its ideas and against the ideas that it finds that they are made a mistake. Other leaders such as Western Union offer similar insights. For example, it will be that the argument of Anselmo Saint regarding the existence of God it is good? Because philosophy is a critical activity, it evaluates our more basic preconceptions carefully. This makes of the philosophy a short while prudish activity. In general, we have trend stops grasping in them to our preconceptions, because they condition the way as we see the world and as we live the life. The philosophy, for the opposite, demands opening of spirit and availability to think freely. The fact of the philosophy to be a critical activity places you in a very different position, as student, of it is demanded whom you in the others you discipline.

In philosophy, you have the freedom to defend your ideas. As many pods to defend that God exists as that he does not exist; as many pods to defend that the abortion must be allowed as that it does not have to be. Until pods to defend that the philosophy is an illusion and a nonsense. In this it disciplines, we do not ask for to you that you limited yourself to repeat what your professor says. What we ask for is that you learn to think. to think implies to present arguments. You have the freedom to defend what to want, but you have to adopt an attitude criticizes.

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