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PCE-N20T – High Temperature Display Accurate Temperature Display For Every Situation

March 30, 2019 in News Tags:

The PCE Germany GmbH presents another high quality product from control engineering with PCE-N20T temperature display. The PCE Germany GmbH presents a high-quality product from control engineering with PCE-N20T temperature display. Whether in the electrical, measurement or control technology, the programmable device is very versatile. No more inaccurate values that five-digit LED indicator will read you a safe and accurate allow. At the present time, it is important to regulated and accurate temperature measurements.

Whether for indoor or except area, correct measurement results must be assured. Deviations or incorrect measurements are undesirable and should be avoided. The temperature display of PCE-N20T offers you these warranties. The temperature display of PCE-N20T is a sophisticated instrument which evaluates the signals with a quality PT100 temperature sensor. Thus, a reliable and very accurate result is obtained. Can the resistance sensor as a two – or three-wire will be connected to the temperature display. Furthermore the five-digit LED display shows measurements in three different colors and makes that read thus becomes child’s play. The two open-collector outputs can be used for temperature monitoring since they are enabled when a parent – or minimum adjustable limit values.

The configuration of alarm limits, the color of the display and the scale of values be carried out via the software LP con. When deviations from the limit an alarm is switched immediately, efficiently alerts the user to the different values. Thus, a rapid intervention can take place. Configurations that were once created with the software, can be stored and recalled as well. Then the connection to the PC can manufactured by an optional programming adapter PCE PD14, the display for the project. The temperature indicator is available in two versions. Each with a power supply of 24V and 230V no more complicated and confusing temperature readings. The new and high-quality temperature PCE-N20T offers best possible results with little effort. The temperature display is therefore a tool for many different applications in industry and research. No matter whether apprentice or specialist who is handling each case an understandable and makes your daily work much easier.

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