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January 21, 2019 in News Tags:

Followed by manual registration in major search engines and directories, as well as registration fee required on some resources. To assess the site search engine affect dozens of different factors, starting with the name domain and ending with the quality of communication channels. By a very important factor, but not manageable by the optimizer include: level of competition on selected topics. The quality of resources on selected topics. Demand for the selected topic. Quite often, those who have just started the process of optimizing its resources to perform adaptation for search engines only the pages themselves.

Yes, when something that was quite enough. However, Search engines constantly adjust the algorithms for calculating relevancy, but not to complicate the work of optimizers (they still have to deal with the new rules), and to improve the quality of information retrieval. In Recently, search engines are increasingly focused on external factors, such as links to a page with reputable websites on the subject. Also takes into account the amount of information available on the site, structure pages and whole site. Increase competitiveness project attained resulting allocation and amplification main theme and enhancing its relevancy. However not forget that optimization resource – not goal but means to an end. Optimizing your site, you will increase traffic to the site, which will lead to increased sales, brand recognition of the company, and just a fashion influence will play in your favor. But do not forget that the site should develop harmoniously, that is high positions in search results should match the design quality, meaningful thematic content, a high level of website usability.

Site promotion – a process that whose effectiveness can not be assessed immediately. The first results appear in about a month – the average time required for complete search engine indexing of your site and make it into the database. Do not forget that Optimization for search engines – this is just a speck in promoting your site. In addition, it is necessary to use other methods of promotion: banner advertising, contextual advertising, publishing feature articles on the site, contests, affiliate programs, providing useful services, etc.

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