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New Acclerator-x By Isilon Performance At The Top

November 28, 2016 in News Tags: , ,

‘Turbo’ speeds up the performance of clustered storage systems several times and offers a significantly higher performance than traditional NAS file storage solutions SEATTLE, United States – September 2008 – Accelerator-x model, Isilon Systems presents today at IBC 2008 in Amsterdam that sets a new standard of performance. The solution is equipped with two Intel quad-core processors, features 32 gigabytes of cache and supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet. In combination with the also presented today new operating system software OneFS 5.0, which now supports symmetric multi processor technology, can transfer data at extremely high speed. The performance is 400 megabits per second (single stream) respectively 700 megabits per second (concurrent) per node. In addition, he reached over 26,000 IOPS Accelerator-x according to the SPEC SFS Banchmark.

Acclerator-x is in performance, handling and price front with the integration of existing Isilon cluster Accelerator-x customers can achieve a maximum throughput of 20 Gigabits per second and doubling the size of the system as a result. The component installation takes less than 15 seconds and is comparatively easy in comparison to the expansion of traditional NAS and SAN storage systems. Their scale is risky, complex, and expensive; especially if a performance increase realized not break free and it comes to downtime. The new Accelerator x excels in addition to a superior performance as the current industry’s best price/performance ratio. Only a third of the amount that must be spent on a traditional NAS filer head is the purchase cost.

Interoperability = future increases, opting for the accelerator-x, invest in a future-proof solution. The new product can be used in conjunction with 10 Gigabit network solutions from Chelsio communications, force 10 networks and Fujitsu and suitable for integration into the next-generation data centers. Appropriate evidence that inter interoperability is already before. We currently observe quote that data centers operated in Enterprise rapidly evolve, due the introduction of high speed networks and powerful, virtualized computing environments, as well as the rapid rise of file-based data. The accelerator-x overcomes the limitations applicable to traditional NAS file storage systems and offers an attractive value for money. Prevailing bottlenecks are with the use of the new solution in the storage infrastructure eliminate and increase system performance. The data center is thus becoming a crucial part of the value chain and enhances innovation and responsiveness from companies.” Sam Grocott, Senior Director product management, Isilon Systems Tina Billo

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