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MME System

July 28, 2014 in News Tags:

Being the government the responsible one for guaranteeing the welfare of its population, in all the spheres, the governana of the agencies must deprive for the benefits in all the scales of the production. This would include to develop politics and to stimulate research in areas that brings, in the future, benefits others to the society in general and if to not only trace in lesser prices. Perhaps a system that if pautasse in lesser costs or compensations for positive externalidades if showed more efficient of what the current model. It would be in part to retrace the previous model, verticalizando total part of the system and promoting in the generating system a technological race, what, as we affirm at the beginning of this work, it would diminish the social costs of the monopolies, dislocating the curves of costs (SAINTS, 2008). FINAL CONSIDERAES Countries as Germany, Australia, Denmark and Spain project that in about 100 years, 60 70% of its energy matrices will be pautadas in clean energies, alternative and renewed (that is, using solar, aeolian energy, of waves or with hydrogen sources) (PEAR TREE et al, 2008). In Brazil, we do not find plans of research and goals for such transformation.

The regulatory activity in Brazil (here inclusas all the spheres such as and the Eletrobrs, the MME, the Aneel and State agencies), over all in the electrical system, created an archaic structure that values the deliverers and penaliza the energy generators, over all those made use to invest in alternative technologies and decentralization of the generation. This creates a great expensive structure, that earns with scale economies and loses with transmission costs. The ideal would be a plan of development that prioritized the research in more efficient energies better and ambiently, without however abandoning the structure of exploration of the hidroeltrica energy. The hidroeltrica energy is clean, but the creation of new great plant already revealed a retrocession in what it says respect the externalidades for these caused.

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