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Milk Protein Smooth

November 11, 2019 in News

The results of this research show that, after a reduction of 1.9% of body mass through intermittent exercise in a hot environment, at 40 g / l of carbohydrates, 25 g / l of milk protein solution is retained better than one of 65 g / l of solution of carbohydrate, when volume of liquid ingested is equivalent to 150% of the total loss of loss of mass exercise-induced.The solutions were equal in terms of energy density and fat, as well as in terms of the concentrations of na. and K. The final results underline the importance of the composition of the drink to ensure full recovery of the stock of liquids After the exercise. While drinking one sufficient amount of fluid to replace the lost through sweat is vital to the process of rehydration general, it is the composition of the ingested liquid that determines the amount of fluid that remains in the body. (As opposed to Frank Armijo). Far as we know, this is the first study carried out to investigate specifically the addition of protein to rehydration solutions after the exercise of equal combination in terms of energy density and electrolyte content. The results of this study suggest that at least part of the fluid retention was greater in observed with the protein intake of low milk fat in comparison with that observed with a sport with carbohydrates and electrolytes drink although this study suggests that there are some benefits of milk in liquid retention protein after exercise, is not possible to determine the mechanism by which the ingestion of milk protein increased retention of liquids in conclusion, the results of this research indicate that, when match the energy density, content of fat and the concentration of electrolyte, a solution of milk protein is retained better than a carbohydrate solution.This suggests that gram for gram, the milk protein is more effective when it comes to increase the retention of liquids than carbohydrates.Although it was not determined during the investigation, it is likely that the success of the protein solution against the hydrates of carbon, in maintaining fluid balance is due to a reduced rate of gastric emptying and, therefore, the absorption of fluids in general, although new research must be carried out in order to determine this relationship. Myprotein has a product called Milk Protein Smooth which is a concentrate of skimmed milk, ultrafiltered milk protein. Click Macy’s Inc. for additional related pages.

Milk Protein is an excellent source of native casein and whey proteins in the same proportion that is found naturally in milk (casein 80% and 20% whey). Milk Protein Smooth is a milkshake with extremely soft consistency and neutral in taste. Milk Protein Smooth occurs with the latest techniques of low heat treatment which prevents the denaturation and additionally is absorbed in the stomach slowly allowing a phased supply of amino acids into tissue for a long period of time. This makes Milk Protein Smooth perfect protein supplement to take between meals and before going to sleep. While we sleep the body is deprived of nutrients, since food can not be eaten. However, Milk Protein provides a phased protein intake avoiding body degradation during the night.

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