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Managing Director Katja Rothe About The Core Competence Of The Correcta Per GmbH

August 6, 2016 in News Tags: ,

correcta per GmbH: ‘Ecological sustainability check real estate offers financial benefits’ September 2009, Berlin. Many companies concentrate on the brokerage of real estate. But only few do this with a specific environmental focus as the correcta per GmbH. Katja Rothe is Managing Director of the correcta per GmbH and explained the advantages of this orientation of the company for potential real estate buyers in an interview with online journalist Stefan Berg. With their ecological sustainability check in the real estate mediation experts examine the correcta pro GmbH, which State subsidies can take advantage of their customers to purchase cheap residential property. Mrs Rothe, that correcta gives the customer real estate objects, which are ecologically valuable and therefore eligible for support because of specific characteristics per GmbH focuses on. How is currently developing your business? Katja Rothe, President pro GmbH: very good: the correcta pro GmbH is active for 18 years in the industry and therefore has a profound experience in the field of real estate brokerage.

What sets us apart from other companies in the sector and our service to the customers so interesting, is this our specific environmental focus: It allows our customers to take Government funding to complete with the purchase of certain real estate. Who are your customers and how much profit from the services of the correcta per GmbH? Katja Rothe, President pro GmbH: our customers are typically private investors who want to purchase real estate property. \”Thanks to the services of the correcta pro GmbH, our customers save money: we determine a so-called sustainability check\” exactly what state funding for the targeted real estate are relevant and where thus savings for the prospective buyers. How can the Government funding be used? Katja Rothe, President pro GmbH: for example for the environmentally-conscious building or renovation of real estate, both in modern buildings as well as monument objects.

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