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Managing Director Alster Chaussee

August 12, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Global shipping logistics by United States across Europe to Asia and far-East the IMN international mail net GmbH Hamburg and Bonn-based MAIL-LOG GmbH have further intermeshed for its national and international clients their product range. The two companies are focused on global shipping solutions for mail and packages and combine their various country focus and customer requirements. Already in 2009, the two companies have merged their operations at the IMN processing center in Dusseldorf to exploit synergies in mail processing and transportation planning. The MAIL-LOG GmbH can be carried out amongst the worldwide sorting for their large customers in the IMN processing center, using the existing logistics and infrastructure of the IMN for their international customers. Now, even the distribution of international mail and package solutions is further co-ordinated.

Both companies are moving in the same market, but customer groups with different requirements and making special products in different countries have developed, we us now to mutually accessible, optimized conditions make. “, says Andreas Schneider, Managing Director of MAIL-LOG GmbH. The two companies see this as the opportunity to be able to offer a much wider range of products to their respective customers. Just for our customers in the United States and Europe is the trend, with more and more volume to concentrate on a restricted number of providers and to obtain a wide product portfolio from a single source”says Frank Swoboda, CEO of IMN. Through this jointly agreed sales IMN customers in the United States today the opportunity, high amounts of post over the IMN processing center in Dusseldorf in the MAIL LOG to feed traffic to Australia and far East and deliver. MAIL LOG and IMN expect significant growth of amounts of, as well as a much higher degree of cross-linking this step with their customers and see very well positioned for the future in a rapidly moving market.

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