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June 29, 2012 in News Tags:

Beyond of this, each piece of information is different of another one, an information piece cannot be vendido as a chair, as the example pointed for the author. An individual can look at a chair and to determine its properties before buying it. But if the information salesman discloses its product before the sales, does not have buying reason to pay it for it. Moreover, while an individual can repetidamente buy and vender the same product of the same store, each piece of information, for definition, is different of other pieces of information (of another form it would not be a new information). In this in case that markets with anti-symmetrical information are inherently imperfect, where questions as reputation and guarantee can make all the difference. Initially one becomes necessary some concepts: all verifiable information that is known by all or for all is called as public information; on the other hand, information private she is that one that is that private it is observed, that is, only some Agents has knowledge concerning it to others not. The existence of private information is responsible for the occurrence of anti-symmetrical information in the markets and leads to the incomplete contract elaboration.

The contracts are gifts in the economy serving of regulating instrument enter the parts of a transaction. For excellent contract we understand that one that specifies any type of eventuality that can come to occur. As Kirmani and Rao (2000) the boarding of the economy of the information is based on the premise that different parts of a transaction generally have different amounts of information on the transaction, and this asymmetry of information has implications during the relationship between the parts. As the authors, the information problem is recognized as being an important consideration to be made in the study of the exchanges of market carried through you discipline for them of accounting, finances, economy of the work and for the marketing. .

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