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Interactive Play Island

March 27, 2014 in News Tags: ,

Specifically the OrgControl all-in one game corner for use in the retail segment -! Equipped with a rugged, touchscreen on the a, a Motorik game wall for the little ones on the other side, as well as solid seat chairs the OrgControl accommodates MyKidscorner several children at the same time, without having to distribute loose components and tiles in the market. Through the integrated LED illumination, MyKidscorner is the attraction for small customers. A gaming experience for children and a relaxed shopping for parents! The plug-in and maintenance-free gaming device designed for the direct use in the market – so parents know your children in good hands. The small footprint of only 118x78cm (euro pallet) and flexible cable management enable a fast and simple installation and offer still flexibility, since the kid’s corner at any time by means of trucks can be offset. The play area can be set up freely, is accessible from all sides and requires only the pitch of a euro pallet. You need only a 230 v Socket. The cables either via ceiling coiled cord or ground tank.

MyKidscorner is optionally available with a triangular and square base plate (78 x 78 cm). This especially space-saving designs are available also without motor game wall and therefore also suited for the installation at the head of the rack or on a wall. The version with square base plate is equipped with a seat for 2 children. Of course these versions feature lighting the same, high quality hardware, as well as the integrated LED! Contact: OrgControl amusement Ltd Germany pale way 1a branch 57610 Gieleorth Tel: 02681-9583-0 fax: 02681-9583-19

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