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How To Sit

April 7, 2016 in News Tags: , ,

The importance of movement for children, as a growing organism "must move to build their own health. Adults, on the contrary, the movement necessary to maintain health. Children know the world and themselves only through their own activities. These include all kinds of motor and conceptual knowledge. Spinning in the street, run, "roaring," jumping, balancing, swinging, climbing – all these kinds of motion necessary for children to actively explained with yourself and the world around them.

Growing bodies of children has a high need to move. Especially hard for children to sit still for a long time, so they can still sit as 1-2 minutes. Kids should go for 2-3 hours daily, a smooth transition from the quiescent mode of motion, training with the respiratory and motor systems. The more children move, the more moving than becoming their bodies. What is Ergonomics The purpose of science – to monitor the load of people who work in so far as possible, to eliminate the harm. Prolonged immobility sitting relaxes the muscles of the legs, which provokes the restriction of venous pump and disrupts the flow of blood to the heart. Improper head position can lead to loss of concentration, poor sleep, impaired hearing, vision and a change in circulation. To avoid these problems need equip the workplace child ergonomic, efficient furniture that will meet the needs of children and motivate them to move.

Ergonomically, the conceptual furniture contributes to the success of children in learning. Children need furniture that grows with them: a table and chair should be set according to the proportions in children. How to sit at a desk # foot lay on the floor of the entire (!) Sole. # Tibia positioned vertically. # Horizontal location of the hips. # Forearm relaxed on the board table. # Desk and a chair with adjustable height. # Correctly set the depth of the chair seat. # Loin is based on chair.

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