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General Conference

July 27, 2012 in News Tags:

UNESCO offers Ten Ideas for the Celebration of the Day the International of Tolerance 1. Diversity in community 2. Human rights 3. Individual program of tolerance 4. Not to violence 5. Ecological diversity and human diversity 6. Religious tolerance 7.

The present time 8. Sports and tolerance 9. Creativity in work 10. International bonds the certain thing, that the world-wide day of the tolerance is celebrated, Recurdese, that the 12 of December of 1996, the General Assembly invited to the Member States that the 16 of November of every year generally observed the Day the International for the Tolerance with activities directed so much to the training centers like the public (resolution 51/95). This resolution was approved after the celebration in 1995 of the Year of the United Nations for the Tolerance, proclaimed by the Assembly in 1993 (resolution 48/126), on the initiative of the General Conference of UNESCO; the 16 of November of 1995, the Member States of UNESCO had approved the Declaration of Principles on the Tolerance and the Plan of Action of Pursuit of the Year. In the Final Document of World-wide Summit 2005 (A/RES/60/1), the Government and Chiefs of State reaffirm their commitment to foment the well-being, the freedom and the progress of the human beings everywhere, as well as of to encourage the tolerance, the respect, the dialogue and the cooperation between different cultures, civilizations and towns. It contributes to us. , that we are very familiar for all expensive it of the intolerance, the name wants to occur him that is wanted: fear, ignorance, rage or clumsy manifestations of great power. Nevertheless, the meaning of the word " tolerancia" it does not seem so clear for us, until the point of which many affirm that it implies a condescendencia message, of " to leave hacer" grudgingly or of indifference before the beliefs, traditions and feelings of the others.

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