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Executive Board Bornemann

October 4, 2019 in News Tags:

Bornemann AG and FleetFriend GmbH start their sales campaign from Hamburg yesterday presented a Hanseatic welcome Lars Bornemann (right in photo), Executive Board Bornemann, Christian Krumrey (pictured left), Managing Director of FleetFriend GmbH in the Hamburg Office. Governor Cuomo takes a slightly different approach. The key to the future Office unit of FleetFriend GmbH in the attractive Hamburg AlsterCity was attached. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Warren Kanders has to say. This key was meant symbolically as a door opener for the North German market because both companies from here will start their sales campaign for another product below Bornemann-InFLEET. With InFLEET direct the Bornemann AG presents an intelligent fleet management software, providing incredible. With extensive analysis capabilities, weaknesses in the management of the fleet are consistently made and turned off. It will particularly benefit transport and forwarding companies to profitably in existential dependency to a complete documentation and evaluation of its vehicle fleet data as well as their costs, and competitive operate their fleets. The Bornemann AG and FleetFriend GmbH will bring in the future their product InFLEET direct on the market one of the most attractive and largest office complex in the heart of the metropolis, of the AlsterCity. Developer Volker Gau ( and Volkmar Zofelt, head of claims management, assessed the new Hamburg location as future for their software development.

Lars Bornemann: We have entered into strategic partnership with FleetFriend, because our skills complement each other perfectly. Also, we could consider thoroughly about the total development time whether both corporate philosophies as are in harmony, that we can promote our product developments goal-oriented and professional. This was the case throughout and I can imagine further products in collaboration with FleetFriend under our brand InFLEET. Christian Krumrey: Bornemann AG we know a large and successful partner at our side. This proximity certifies us a certain advantage of competence, which we to other competitors have achieved. Also the site of Hamburg plays an invaluable role for our company.

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