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European Services

April 25, 2017 in News Tags:

So the pilots can deal right in the training with the current standards in the industry. The fleet now consists of 10 aircraft and a professional Simulator for multi-engined aircraft (E.g. King Air). More aircraft are scheduled for the coming year. Thinking is also on the acquisition of an additional Simulator for pilot training. FFL invested in new business fields.

The range of services with an online shop for pilots and flight requirements was up-to-date. So customers can access around the clock on the extended range. The acquisition of new clients can as nationally – and that worldwide. It was hitherto only regional company, you can change it through the own online shop. Through your own web shop you will reach worldwide and can act globally even without great effort.

Through new communication technologies such as E-mail and contact forms it is the entrepreneurs, as well as the customer easier to make contact quickly and efficiently. Since the Online shop 24 hours on 7 days is available and offers a comprehensive customer service, quickly come to a conclusion of the contract between the buyer and dealer. This has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. In addition, the commercial flight operations at the airport Essen Mulheim is absorbed by the FFL next year. A commercial flight operation is subject to the same rules and controls as a conventional scheduled services, and ensures maximum safety and quality for the business traveller. In the region of Rhine and Ruhr, a such flexible products and services for internationally active companies is a matter of survival. Dusseldorf international airport is not an option due to its existing restrictions on the region. “An economic region on its own connection to the European air transport network is instructed in regard to the growing competition in the enlarged Europe and the simultaneous decline in traditional site conditions. The otherwise existing constraint to a Permanent points of business travelers on long driveways to reach airports suggests medium – and long-term migration in particular by international companies”(AOPA Germany). Wolfgang Pieckenhagen

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