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Easter At Lake Ossiach

March 18, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Still the gondola rocks diving, mountaineering and colorful Easter eggs farther and farther upwards, and finally as a miniature between thumb while the Lake is getting smaller and smaller, and index finger fits. Once at the top the panorama could be hardly impressive. The majestic mountains surrounding lined a seemingly tiny Lake, pines and meadows become patches of different shades of green, and suddenly the sublime feeling of the successful Summit striker adjusts itself inevitably. You must have climbed the Gerlitzen of not own foot, to enjoy the fantastic view on the Ossiacher Lake and the beautiful Carinthian nature surrounding him. Also a ride with the cable car ends with the realization that vacation is the most beautiful time of the year. Before whose eyes now is the idea to go on a huge slide in the Valley and to dive with a great Platscher in the Lake, which should be soon on the way down, because the valley station of the cable car not far from the shores of the Lake is actually removed. The water of Lake Ossiach is clear, fresh and almost has drinking water quality. It is also no coincidence that here in addition to swimmers and divers also countless species of fish and even cancer feel good.

The region around Villach and Ossiach although one with over 2000 hours of sunshine per year the sunniest spots of in Austria, but also on cooler days, and outside of the summer months there are around Lake Ossiacher to discover things and experience. What is an apt saying again? “If I a Lake see, I need no more sea.” Which is nothing to add. Water sports of all kinds find here perfect conditions, whether on the surfboard, the wakeboard, water ski or sail boat. The bank designated as landscape and nature conservation areas also invite to long walks.

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