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April 2, 2017 in News Tags:

Between all they made a chocolate craftsman sold and it, house by house, to the neighbors of Villajoyosa (Alicante). It was then when the clients, friendly and suppliers of Valeriano Lopez began to call to this chocolate Value. Part, by the proximity with the name of the founder. Part, by the quality of the product. Petroleum jelly: Robert Chesebrough, native chemistry of Brooklyn, was the creator in 1870 of this gelatin that cured all the injuries. He gave to this invention the Petroleum jelly name him, derivative of the German word Wasser (water) and of Greek ” elaion” (olive oil). Vespa: In Italian this word it means ” avispa”. And it was denominated to him thus because this motorcycle remembers this animal.

Vick” s Vaporub: This medical product has its origin in the United States towards year 1880. ” Vick” it is the last name of doctor Joshua Vick. ” Vapo”: the inhaled medicinal steam abren the nasal and bronchial routes of the patient. ” Rub”: this product rubs on the body of the patient. (” To rub” it means ” frotar” in English) Virgin: Richard Branson believes in 1970 a company to sell discs by mail with discount. When possible names for the mark suggest, a girl of the office said: ” What such Virgin. We are virgin in negocio”.

Thus Virgin Mail Order was born Record. Wheaties: Jane Bausman, wife of an executive of the producing company, gained the contest sponsored by this one when it proposed the name of ” Wheaties” because ” it does not have nothing else likeable that diminutivo”. (Wheat means wheat in English) Yahoo!: On this name not yet there is consensus. Yang, that the public image of the company has incarnated, and Edge, insist on which they chose the name so that they were considered to themselves like Yahoos, in English gross or patanes. Zara: In 1975, Amancio Grouse creates first of the stores of Zara in Corunna. Its objective is to make articles of the rabid present time within reach of the public: really, to democratise the fashion, then only accessible to a few. Peculiarly Zara was not the name that had thought for its empire, but Zorba. But in the Registry of Patents and Marks this name already was registered. In front of the civil servant and after several minutes playing with syllables, the name that ended up arising was Zara. Zippo: The name of Zippo that on approval has the most famous burner of the world and with the flame of the wind put its creator George Blaisdell in 1932.

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